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Sep 28, 2021

Excuse the length this week but there's just so much to talk about. Between the Roadrunners amazing come from behind win, Jared's travel to Memphis, and the upcoming game against UNLV, we have a lot of ground to cover this week!

8:45 - What caused UTSA to have such a terrible start to the game against Memphis?

28:20 - Frank Harris showed why he's such a great leader of this offense after a gutsy and cerebral performance, ducking potential disaster after potential disaster.

34:53 - The injuries continue to stack up for the offensive line. We are well, well into the danger zone for this unit.

39:15 - Both coaching staffs made a lot of interesting coaching decisions which determined the outcome of the game. Where did Traylor and staff struggle and excel?

50:57 - Jared shares his experiences visiting Memphis for the game.

1:04:10 - UNLV is 0-4 but they're coming off their best performance in two years after taking a ranked Fresno State team to the fourth quarter.

1:10:20 - UTSA's 2015 season is a really good comparison for the start of UNLV's 2021 season.

1:22:23 - Expect UTSA to empty the bench on their offensive line, giving freshmen like Ronnie Garza, Frankie Martinez, Robert Rigsby, and River Gordon some looks.