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Aug 26, 2021

Introducing our final preview podcast for the 2021 season and the most important one at that. Jared and Adrian go through the schedule week by week and pick out the wins and losses that will determine whether the Roadrunners compete for their first conference championship or sit at home in December eating rotting cheese.
0:08:30 - UTSA news round up including tailgating news, a contract extension for Lisa Campos, Dhieu Deing being selected for the FIBA Afro Basket tournament
0:19:30 - Setting expectations for UTSA's 2021 season. Why is this season's expectations different than 2014 and 2017?
0:28:50 - Game by game season preview begins
1:31:34 - Is there any scenario where Jeff Traylor gets poached away from UTSA after this season?