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Aug 19, 2021

Major thanks to Eric Henry from Underdog Dynasty, the Shula Bowl Podcast, and the QB Spotlight Podcast for making time for us to preview Conference USA!
4:15 - Nick Evans and Jojo Weeks enter the transfer portal
8:33 - UTSA is getting a Freebirds on campus! And other campus news
15:05 - Breaking down the contenders, competitors, and pretenders in Conference USA
1:02:25 - Who are some newcomers to watch for in C-USA?
1:05:11 - Will Bill Clark ever leave UAB? Why is he still there?
1:09:16 - Old Dominion is a wild card after sitting out 2020. What can we expect from them this year, if anything?
1:11:18 - Which C-USA programs are best positioned for conference realignment?