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Hey all, quick note from all of us here at Alamodome Audible. We’re humbled and flattered by the increase in support we’ve seen on Patreon this year. We greatly appreciate all of your support!

This post is to inform you of a small change to how our subscription fees are collected, as well as a little context to explain the changes.

Before we go any further, I want to stress that there will be no change to fees for current Patreon subscribers at your current tier!

Last night we changed our fee structure to a “charge up-front” model. This means that when a new subscriber joins Patreon their credit card will be charged before they gain access to our premium content.

Previously we operated on a bit of an honor system. If a new subscriber joined at the Insider tier on January 1st, they would technically get a free month of premium access, with their card being charged for the first time on February 1st. While Patreon gave us the ability to charge new subscribers up front over a year ago, we kept the old fee structure since it gave new subscribers a chance to check out our content and make sure they would get value from their subscription.

However as our content output and visibility increased, we started to notice more and more people signing up to gain access to our premium content then canceling their subscription before their card was charged, essentially gaining free access to the vault of all of our premium content over the last 3 years for free. We’ve even noticed at least one person seemingly gaming the system by repeating this process over several months to retain free access to our premium content.

While that’s not fair to us, it’s also not fair to all of our subscribers who are contributing to the site to keep us up and running and able to grow.

A charge up front model is the norm for pretty much any type of paid subscription online, and some of you may be surprised to learn that we were not doing this in the first place, but we wanted to be as transparent as possible.

For current subscribers you will only notice a difference should you choose to upgrade to a higher tier of support. As an example, if your card was charged $5 on December 1st and you decide to upgrade to the Booster tier on December 5th to gain access to merchandise drops then your card would be charged an additional $5 on December 5th, and your monthly charge will increase to $10 in January.

Since newcomers will no longer have the free introductory period on Patreon we have started to unlock certain premium content a few days after our paid subscribers gained access. As an example, our recent film breakdown of UTSA commit Eddie Lee Marburger was released to Patreon subscribers on December 6th, then made available to the public on December 9th. Not all posts will be made public, but we’ll do this periodically so that folks thinking about subscribing can get a taste for what our paywalled content looks like, and anyone that clicks on a link to Patreon won’t just see a bunch of locked posts.

Our hope is that this creates a healthy balance between ensuring exclusivity and priority for our current subscribers, while also helping to bring new supporters into the community.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, or reach out to us via email ([email protected]) or DM!

Thank you and Birds Up!

– Jared, Adrian, and Aaron

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